Easter box from Sweden!

Today I got a box from my daughter in Sweden. With some traditional candies for Easter and feathers to the Birch branches..hmm..well.. I will figure out what to use instead. Two Marabou (Swedish brand) orange chocolate for my husband, now he will be happy! Baltazar, my Siamese, and I got some OLW cheeze doodles, so now he is happy too..and I. Some Spices and mix for a kind of pepper sauce I like and some more nice stuff. Now I will make a nice dinner with the pepper sauce this weekend. Ohh, she sent some of her drawings too, that she made for the kids at her work to paint in color (you can see the first one, from Disneys movie Frozen, on the top of the stack in the pic) It would be nice if there was a box from Sweden in my mail every day, that would be the ultimate thing. My mom do send me some Swedish magazines about food and crafting once every month and she always put in some surprises between the magazines. I think she is having fun when she is doing secrets between the “papers”… :-D





Yesterday my husband came home with flowers, just like that. And the day before that he came with a small teddy bear from Dodgers game. He isn’t a Dodger-fan, but he was invited to follow a friend. Angels is the team for him, and the funny was, I already had the same kind of a bear from Angels and now I got a couple together, an impossible couple :-D

By the way, I think Detroit won against Dodgers..

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Colorful spring-birds for Easter?

Now the answer will come from my earlier post, I am making birds in a lot of combinations of colors to use for Easter (this is just the beginning, more birds will be made). In Sweden we used to have birch branches for Easter and decorate it almost like you do with a Christmas tree, feathers in different colors are very common and then some small chickens and egg and of course small Easter witches. (More about Swedish Easter and the witches will come later

SAM_4741 - Copy

An “old” pic of my oldest son when he is painting Easter egg, sitting next to the birch branches. He is almost 32 year now :-D

Chickens are more common in Sweden than the Easter-bunny, even if there are some bunnies too. Here in south California it seems like a birch tree is very rare and that means probably no branches for me…maybe. Last year my husband found some branches, well not by birch, but good enough to use for Easter. We will see how we make it this year, so far my new colorful birds will stay in my palm tree.. :-) The link to the pattern is under the pics.

SAM_4773 SAM_4777

They are very easy to make and the pattern is HERE.


My birch forest is on the wall now…I am happy! :-D


Easter soon…

Just wanted to show you what I need for my next project, after the catcave I made. There is a feeling of spring in these colors, so start wonder what I am going to make with all this. The answer will come this weekend, I promise! :-D


If you don’t have any birch trees you have to buy them, and so I did. I found the canvas 3-pack at Target and it was only one package. It felt like it said it was meant especially for me, yes it did. :-)  When you are surrounded by palm trees, it will feel soooo good with a little sense from my home-country with all the Swedish birch trees on my kitchen wall. They will be mounted on the wall this weekend too, but so far they can just stand there and look nice :-D

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My first earthquake…

Last Friday February 28th at 9.09 pm I was sitting by the computer and my husband was on his way home in the car. Suddenly it was some weird noise, almost like a train passing just outside that made the building shaking and at the same time like a lot of people were running around upstairs smashing things to make it shaking even more. Then I realized what it was, an earthquake! I stood up immediately and just stared up at the ceiling, I probably was expecting the roof to fall down. Hiding under the table to be safe didn’t exist in my brain at that moment. I can tell I was very scared and it was not fun being alone at home on my first experience of quakes. I was shaking myself for some time after. My husband came home shortly after, thanks! He didn’t feel it at all and thought it was because he was driving. It was an 5.1 earthquake! I know I live in an earthquake area and there are small ones all the time you don’t even know about, but this one was not fun at all. I am not used to it either, only snowstorms in Sweden and that felt like nothing comparing to this. I think the most weird feeling was that the building was shaking, but I didn’t notice the furniture were shaking at all, very strange. They probably did but I was more fixed to the walls and the rumbling sound. Well, the Californians may laugh at me but I take this seriously and now it is even more important to make the survivor kit ready…and I will. I do hope it wont happen again, but it will of course.

Recycle old worn Tshirts to an ugly catcave

SAM_4591 - Copy

Yes, it is exactly what the headline says. Save your old t shirts (these ones came from my husband) and make something of it. To my ugly catcave I used 12 tshirts and the cats loves it! I started to cut round like a spiral up to the arms and there I stopped, because I wanted the “yarn” to be one long thread. I cut it in about a half inch, thats good enough. I used a big hook P (US) 15 mm. Start with chain 3-4 and make a ring, crochet 7 single crochet (sc) round the ring, next row 2 sc in the first stitch and then 1 sc in next, repeat till you got 14 stitches . Next row 2 in the same stitch and 1 sc in each two after..and so on till you have a flat round in the size you want. You add one single crochet seven times in every row I think I stopped when I had 16 stitches between. Then I started to just go round and in about every 2 inches I decreased in the same way I did the increase, to make it tighter before you start the roof. The walls are about 8 inches high and after about 2 inches you also need to make the “door” , I made them between two increases about 16 stitches I think. When the door was done I added a chain with the same amount of stitches I had that moment between the decreases (12 stitches). Then it was just to keep on and decrease the roof every row til it was no left. After I took double of the tshirt yarn and crocheted a more stability opening with single crochet round it. Tadamm ready! I do think I will buy my husband just pink tshirts from now instead of having grey, grey and more grey ones… :-)

SAM_4592 SAM_4598 SAM_4601 SAM_4620 SAM_4628 SAM_4658 - Copy SAM_4659 - Copy SAM_4695 - Copy SAM_4710 SAM_4707 SAM_4712 SAM_4731

Well…you can always sleep on the top too :-D