Movietime, “Get on up” about James Brown

Today the release date was for the movie Get on up. A movie about James Brown (Chadwick Boseman as James Brown) and his life.

“Based on the incredible life story of the Godfather of Soul, the film will give a fearless look inside the music, moves and moods of James Brown, taking audiences on the journey from his impoverished childhood to his evolution into one of the most influential figures of the 20th century.” (google)

The movie was good and a lot of humor that lead to laugh, but also serious things that happened around James in his life. The movie is 2 hours and 18 minutes and some extra bonus information is that Mick Jagger is one of the producers. They say he always wanted to learn James “moves”, and in fact, I think you have noticed he isn’t that bad in it, even if it is more like “Moves like Jagger” 😀

Now the trailer!

OK…I will put in the “Jaggermoves” too. Thanks to Maroon 5 😀


Too hot weather means lazy cooking.

It has been some hot days here in California. Almost like this Nordic Swede is starting to long for the cold winter back home in the old country, but only almost. It doesn’t matter if you are inside or outside the house, the air conditioner is the only magical treatment . This heat affect the cooking too. Who wants to cook these days when the temperature is around 85 – 90 F ( about 30 C)? Well I did notice at the news that the California weather has reached Sweden too. The Swedes freaks out after just a week and start to complain about drought and other things…for just one week! 😀 Here in California the drought starts to be a real big problem and people do need to think about it and care about how to use and how to save the water. The rain will come one day..and stay two or more days….I hope. I really want some rain now.
Anyway, now it was about the cooking and I fried some fish one day. I think it was rockfish. I just wanted to have a kind of cold salad to it and started to mix some nice stuff. It turned out to be pretty good and now I want to share the recipe with you. 🙂


SAM_5414 (2)


about 1 cup of natural/plain Greek yogurt  (ca 2, 5 dl)
1-2 tablespoons fresh squeezed lemon
a bunch cut ​​fresh dill
fresh sliced ​​cucumber in half moons
a bunch radishes sliced ​​into half moons
1 apple into cubes, do not need to be peeled
mix everything, taste and season with salt and pepper
serve with fish

Enjoy! 🙂


My creative daughter and tickets to Jersey Boys, the musical

My daughter has started practicing at a flower shop in Sweden. What a nice decoration she made by her own after just 5 days in the shop! It is her first one! I am very proud of her. Seems like she has talent in the flower area too. Now I want her to come overseas and make me a looot of nice flower decorations all over the apartment, maybe make something nice on the balcony too… and…and … OK, ok.. I know, she has just started and it is her first flower decoration…calm down! 😉


My oldest son and his girlfriend will come to L.A. in October and visit for a couple of weeks. I have already started to plan THEIR trip, as a mom you are allowed to do that 😉 When my daughter was here at Christmas last year, we went to Hollywood one day, did the Walk of Fame and a visit at Pantages Theater to watch The Lion King, the musical. Now I want my son and his girlfriend to watch a real Broadway-musical too, like his sister did. Yesterday I bought four tickets on presale to the musical Jersey Boys (about Frankie Valli and four seasons). The show is playing in L.A. during 1 – 19 October. I just hope I did the right thing now, my son is a “Heavy Metal-guy”.. well, he needs to learn there is more in the music world, not only metal stuff 😀

Jersey Boys, The trailer:

Def Leppard & Kiss in concert!


Def Leppard at Forum, Inglewood, 8 July 2014


Kiss at Forum, Inglewood 8 July 2014

Yesterday it was time again for a concert at Forum. This time it was Def leppard and later Kiss. (I still like the concept: buy one concert and get one for free 😀 ). It was  great evening! Def Leppard is still a good band and Kiss looked like they had fun during the concert. Well done by both of them. The special guest Kobra and the Lotus from Canada wasn’t bad either. They started up the evening and the tempo was high from the beginning. They sounded like Iron Maiden in a way, except that this band has a woman (Kobra Paige) as the singer. I liked her cover of Hearts old song, Barracuda. I heard a “new” song with Kiss too that I didn’t recognize and I liked it, I found out when I was back home that the song was from 1989, So hear it comes, Kiss with the song Hide your heart! …and after a song with Def Leppard, that my husband picked: Love Bites 🙂

4th July at Redondo Beach


To celebrate 4th of July, we were invited by a friend to a block party with live music and tacos. The party was just above the beach. The weather was perfect (as usual) and a loooot of people were on the beach. People arrived early, as you can see on the first pic, to get a nice spot. Here are some pics from the beach and from the party and the firework. We watched the firework from the friend’s balcony who lives at the front row to the beach! It was a great celebration. 😀

SAM_5351 SAM_5354 SAM_5366 SAM_5367 SAM_5371 SAM_5359 SAM_5381

SAM_5395 SAM_5408

Midsummer party in Los Angeles

On Saturday it was time for the big Midsummer party at Gilmore Adobe park by the Grove, Farmers market at 3rd Street and Fairfax. It came more than 500 people! The Swedes are supposed to leave the cities at Midsummer NOT the country! 😀

Well, the people back home in my old country will probably ask the question if there were any famous people there too and I can answer yes, it was and leave the rest to speculations. I know…I can be mean sometimes 😉

Some nice pics from Saturday and Swedish midsummer in LA :

SAM_5200 SAM_5214 SAM_5213 SAM_5217 SAM_5215 SAM_5211 SAM_5216