A crocheted purse to the American doll

It has happened now, I bought a doll yesterday, because it is so fun to make clothes. Now I will have a lot fun! I bought an American doll, but not a real one, that’s too expensive just to have one for making clothes. I knew Michael’s were selling a kind of doll, a Springfield, that’s enough for me. I also remembered I had a coupon with 40% off at one item, perfect! My doll will be cheap! In Sweden we are most used to always buy blond dolls, sometimes red-haired ones. Black ones also exist, but the blonds are most common. I think it is very good when they make dolls in all kinds of nationalities, and skip to always make the stereotypical ones, that’s very nice. The one I liked most yesterday looked Spanish and she was called Maria, wonderful! I have never owned (or even seen!) a Spanish/Mexican doll. Perfect for an “old”  lady like me 😀

I did buy her a set of clothes and shoes too, because just a dress was a little boring. Now she looks nice.

When I came home I remembered a had some rests of yarn in the colors on her clothes and whoops, I made her a nice purse! You find the pattern below. My husband said: Wow, you started right away! …and I can tell you.. today I am making a nice dress for her 🙂


How to make the purse: I used the pattern for daisy squares and didn’t make the last row, because it would be too big then. Then I made a regular granny square in another color to the backside. I crocheted them together on three sides with single crochet. Then I chain about 45-50 stitches and made two rows with single crochet. On this bag I needed to make a row with single crochet on the top on the front side to make them in the same size, but only on the topside and the front. Here are the links for the tutorial on the Daisy pattern, in English,  And in Swedish

SAM_4865 - Copy




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